Notch-Jaw Locking Pliers

Notch-jaw pliers have a simple but effective modification to aid gripping. The cuts in the jaw grip from above, locking on to the corners of external drive heads and dig notches into the circular shape of gouged internal drive heads. You even have a chance with a sheared shaft as long as it's bigger than the notch.

Vampliers® (fangs for extracting that screw...)

Neji-saurus® (Neji is Japanese for Screw)

Use to...

• Grip heads from above.

• Lock on to the corners of external drive heads.

• Crush notches into round internal drive heads.

Buying Tips

• Look for thick comfortable handles.

• Unbranded items may have weak serrations.

Safety Tips

• Always wear eye protection.

• Consider impact protecting gloves.